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Northstar Battery Company LLC

Red-FamilyNorthStar Batteries – Designed to suit your needs

NorthStar is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of an innovative range of batteries made in the United States.

What Makes NorthStar Unique?
NorthStar products are designed to be ultra-high performance and premium quality, with a much longer lifetime than standard products. Less downtime, lower battery replacement costs, and fewer maintenance visits minimize the impact on the environment and reduce the total cost of operation.

Pure Lead Technology
Pure Lead Technology is the latest breakthrough in battery performance technology. Our NSB Red Battery range uses pure lead positive plates to provide exceptionally long battery lifetime on stable power grids – typically more than 15 years, compared with less than 12 years from standard batteries.

Thin Plate Technology
NorthStar thin plate technology gives our batteries a huge advantage over the competition. Using thin plate construction inside the battery means greater surface area, typically delivering 10-15% better performance.

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NorthStar UPS Batteries

NorthStar UPS Batteries

NorthStar Battery provides large data center customers with the most reliable backup energy solutions possible, while reducing both start-up and operating costs. NorthStar UPS Batteries have higher temperature capabilities that allow data centers to increase operating temperatures and reduce electricity costs by more than 40%. NorthStar Battery high performance batteries deliver more watts per cell, which reduces the footprint required by 10%. NorthStar batteries have a longer life, which means less replacements and reduced operating costs of more than 20%.

NorthStar Telecom Batteries

NorthStar Telecom Batteries

NorthStar Telecom Batteries are specially designed to provide reliability in the most challenging conditions. Depending on the application and stability of the grid, NorthStar has the battery to meet your needs. The NSB Silver Battery is designed for common telecommunication applications in semi-stable environments with managed temperatures. The NSB Red Battery is a long life, high temperature telecommunications battery designed to last in harsh environments. The NSB Blue battery performs best in unstable or off-grid applications where frequent recharging is common.