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April, 2014

Tip #2 Protect your equipment with factory service plans



#2 – Protect your equipment with factory service plans and only use factory certified technicians for maintenance and repairs

Last week, we discussed the importance of factory training with Advanced Operator Training. As the first responders, your staff needs the knowledge to quickly determine if they can manage an issue themselves or if they need to call the manufacturer to request on site service. Factory service plans protect you from the unexpected expense of a service call and minimize downtime during an unplanned outage or event.

All major UPS and data center cooling equipment manufacturers recommend that customers usefactory service exclusively. There are thousands of service providers that offer maintenance and repair services, but only factory certified technicians are fully qualified to service your equipment. And in most cases, only technicians dispatched from the manufacturer have access to genuine replacement parts for your equipment.

With regular factory maintenance, you can assure maximum uptime and system availability. Last year, Schneider Electric introduced their Advantage Max service plan. In addition to all of the benefits of the Advantage Ultra Service Plan such as comprehensive coverage for parts and labor, annual preventive maintenance, and remote monitoring, the Advantage Max includes asset and capacity summary reporting and an EnergySTEP1 data center assessment.

Asset and Capacity Summary Report – The Advantage Max Plan includes a comprehensive asset and capacity summary report providing better visibility into the efficiency and overall health of your data center. The Summary Report includes the asset management and capacity data you need to maximize performance ad proactively plan for future expansion and maintenance needs.

EnergySTEP1 Data Center Assessment – EnergySTEP1 is an onsite assessment of your power and cooling infrastructure that analyzes energy usage and provides a plan to improve efficiency and reliability while controlling energy costs. The focus of this service is to uncover the most significant deficiencies in the power, cooling and physical infrastructure.

Many customers that have relied on the peace of mind that comes from factory protection through the Advantage Ultra service plan have found tremendous value in upgrading to the Advantage Maxservice plan. They have found the additional reporting features and asset management very useful.

For more information about factory on-site service plans and the Advantage Max, call 800-876-9373 ext. 711, or send me an email.

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