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ISX Main InfraStruXureFor the healthcare industry, ensuring a quality environment of patient care is paramount. New technologies—from digital imaging to security-enhancing baby finders—are helping to reduce errors, improve care, and decrease costs simultaneously. But to enable these technologies, healthcare facilities need a rock-solid physical infrastructure to back up their assets. The challenge, then, is to find a scalable, modular solution with the lowest total cost of ownership over time. With energy costs soaring, the system has to be efficient. Availability has to be constant, from patient check-in to checkout. And, finally, the solution has to comply with increasingly strict standards and legislation. Power Solutions has teamed up with Schneider Electric to offer comprehensive power protection products and services to help maintain 100% availability 24/7.

Power Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

  • The easily installed InfraStruxure solution enables the benefits of a high-density environment at a lower relative cost than other solutions, and will offer you greater operational and energy efficiency.
  • Smart-UPS Fleet Management services to help manage and maintain the many small UPSs installed throughout your facility.
  • StruxreWare Data Center Infrastructure Management Software to connect all of your power and cooling equipment to the network for easy management and monitoring.

To read some case studies and for more detail regarding Schneider Electric Power Solutions for Healthcare Facilities, download our brochure.

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