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April, 2014

Protect your Network from the Inside Out with a Proactive Network Closet Assessment Service

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GE Energy Management Awards Our DC Power Team “Partner of the Year”


Protect Your Network from the Inside Out with a Proactive Assessment Service

On Monday, May 9th, in Cambridge, MA, a manhole sank and damaged the critical network infrastructure for Level 3 Communications. A clear redundancy plan immediately re-routed all traffic to the Level 3 Communications hub in Delaware. Most
customers never experienced any service interruption, until a construction crew in Philadelphia inadvertently cut fiber causing major additional damage. As a result, corporate and residential customers of Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications throughout the Northeast had lost Internet service!

In today’s world of connectivity, loss of access can bring business to a grinding halt and result in significant revenue loss. Those of us in the power business know that downtime is simply not an option. Access to servers, cloud based data and applications, email communications, and Internet based information is vital to businesses. The first access point to this infrastructure and data is your inhouse Network.

Most organizations house critical networking hardware such as modems, routers, switches and cabling in a series of network or wiring closets. The Power Solutions Network Closet Assessment service provides an analysis of the critical infrastructure components of your network wiring closet including: power systems, cooling systems, rack configurations and room analysis. Power Solutions will supply you with the information necessary to manage your network closet for optimum performance, extend the life of your hardware, and ensure the highest level of network availability.

Benefits of a Network Closet Assessment:

  • Measurement of existing environmental conditions indicate areas where temperatures are not within tolerances.
  • Network closet power, cooling and space utilization analysis verifies wiring closet power and cooling loads and identifies the key infrastructure constraints that limit full space utilization.
  • Recommendations to optimize infrastructure will identify methods to maximize availability and the efficient use of power, cooling, and space.
  • Documentation of network closet equipment provides an inventory of equipment for sizing power and cooling requirements, identifying current capabilities, and planning for future expansion.

While the May 9th service interruption was caused by a series of accidents and was not something any of Level 3’s end users could have prevented, it serves as reminder that our networks are vulnerable and it’s important to do everything we can to prevent any interruptions caused in-house by a lack of preventative maintenance and correction of the network closets throughout your organization. Learn more about getting the most out of your network closet and best practices by visiting our website.

Be proactive and schedule your Power Solutions Network Closet Assessment today.

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We can assist with custom or modified standard packages

Your business requires a flexible and resilient infrastructure to respond to fast changing business demands. At Power Solutions, we deliver end-user defined backup power solutions. We can assist with modifications to standard products, complex upgrades, technology refreshes, and expansions and consolidations. All designed to help speed fulfillment of key business initiatives while optimizing operations during implementation.

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Congratulations to our DC Power Team, Guy Lacerte and Dan Stadler, for receiving GE Energy Management’s Distinguished “Partner of the Year” Award!!

Power Solutions is proud to be a GE Energy Management Partner. Please visit our website for our full line of GE Critical Power DC Power Systems and Three Phase and Single Phase GE UPS Equipment.