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Increase Power System Reliability with Switchgear Monitoring and Modernization Services

The ATS and switchgear are probably the most overlooked components of a building’s power system. Tucked away in the electrical room, these critical power systems often go months or even years before they are inspected or maintained.

Gain instant visibility into the health and reliability of your switchgear power system with monitoring. Most major UPS and switchgear manufacturers, such as Schneider Electric, have developed monitoring software that integrates into the Building Management and DCIM Systems. These easy-to-deploy software options allow facilities operators to monitor and manage the entire building power system from a single screen – and in some cases, right from their smartphone.

Switchgear, and the controllers that manage it, are known to be highly reliable – until they aren’t. Many older buildings still have the original, and often obsolete, ATS and switchgear running as the backbone to the critical power system. As this end-of-life equipment continues to age and wear, the risk of failure and downtime increases.

Switchgear modernization is an affordable option to address aging gear. Switchgear upgrades replace aging parts and circuit breakers within the existing enclosures without re-wiring conduit or breaking down the existing infrastructure.

When compared to total gear replacement, Switchgear Modernization updates equipment for a fraction of the cost, with minimal downtime. Whether upgrading the electronics in the ATS or paralleling switchgear, or a simple circuit breaker replacement, Power Solutions can ensure that your switchgear is operating with current generation parts. Once modernized, obsolete and end-of-life gear can be eligible for comprehensive service plans.

For more information about ATS and Paralleling Switchgear monitoring and modernization, click here. To discuss your power system modernization options, call 800-876-9373 ext. 711, visit our website, or send me an email.

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