Preparing Network and Power Infrastructure for 5G

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Preparing Network and Power Infrastructure for 5G

There has been much discussion about 5G and the network speed and capacity it will bring to just about every facet of our lives. As exciting as wi-fi speed on a cellular network is, widespread 5G deployment presents telecom operators and the enterprises they support a huge challenge in maintaining power to this new, low-latency, high-bandwidth network over an outdated power infrastructure.

In some ways, the discussion is similar to the hurdles presented by IoT and Big Data 10 years ago. In fact, the root problem is the same – density – more network capacity means more data, more data means more network traffic, more traffic needs more power, and more power creates more heat. The bottom line is higher density, adding stress on an already strained network and power infrastructure.

As the global 5G deployment progresses, the overall load on the network and power infrastructure is building gradually, making management of the increased power requirement possible with modular systems. The power industry is responding with offers of modular UPS systems, DC power systems, cooling, and other integrated solutions designed to grow over time to match increasing demand.

With minimal or no climate controlled indoor space available at base station sites, rugged outdoor enclosures and prefabricated systems will play an important role in enabling telecom operators to meet the demand for multi-access edge computing (MEC) quickly and efficiently. Because prefabricated systems employ a modular approach, they are quickly deployed, easily scaled, and reliable.

MEC sites that have previously operated without dedicated cooling may now require new thermal strategies to accommodate increased densities. Stand-by HVAC systems or easily deployed rack-based cooling solutions can be integrated into outdoor cabinets with custom enclosure configurations.

Core and regional data hubs will increasingly look towards modular DC systems and AC UPS equipment to ensure reliable and high-quality power throughout the network.

Power Solutions, LLC delivers critical infrastructure products and services for data center, telecom, and industrial applications. As power experts with engineering and customization capabilities and, partnered with best-in-class manufacturers, we can tailor infrastructure upgrades to support 5G and the growing demand on your network and power systems.

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