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Alpha Outdoor and Industrial UPS Systems

UPS systems are used in a variety of applications beyond IT – including remote edge computing, power to telecom networks, traffic and railroad signals, sensors and monitoring equipment, and building security.

These rugged applications include a broad range of environments. Operating temperatures need to be evaluated carefully, as do other environmental considerations such as humidity, dust, or salt air.

Power Solutions, LLC is proud to offer the complete line of Alpha Outdoor and Industrial UPS systems. Alpha is a trusted leader in providing a full range of AC power solutions, from traditional indoor use to rugged outdoor applications.

These solutions include standard single and three phase uninterruptible power supplies, hardened outdoor enclosures, specialty batteries, and accessories and generators that can be custom integrated to meet your application requirements.

Our experts can assist with finding either a standard off-the-shelf UPS or help build a custom outdoor UPS system based on your specifications. We also offer assembly and installation services for a turn-key outdoor UPS deployment.

For more information about outdoor UPS systems, call 800-876-9373, ext. 711, or send me an email. You can also visit our website.

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