Rack Cooling Solutions for High-Density Edge Computing

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Rack Cooling Solutions for High-Density Edge Computing

Rack density increases, driven by the need for more computing power in less space, require more intelligent cooling. As racks find their way out of temperature-controlled data centers and into gray spaces for edge applications, rack cooling is making this non-traditional IT space possible.

Vertiv offers thermal management systems specifically designed to cool racks within a small footprint and to increase cooling efficiency to lower costs.

The Vertiv VRC Rack Cooling System is ideal for small server rooms, network closets and edge applications up to 3500 watts per cabinet. The VRC rack cooling unit packs powerful, scalable and energy-efficient cooling into a compact unit and fits into most standard 19-inch network racks.

With remote monitoring the VRC allows racks to be installed in remote, non-data center environments but still allow you to “see” the health of the system. Quick deployment gives your facility the ability to protect your system as you scale up. The Self-contained model of the VRC can be installed directly by the end user, which saves time and money.

For more information about Vertiv Rack cooling systems, call 800-876-9373, x711, or send an email. You can also visit our website.

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