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We know it is frustrating to continually hear about global supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. The unfortunate reality is that these challenges are ongoing for our manufacturer partners with no relief in the foreseeable future.

The soaring price of lead, raw material shortages for critical components such as plastics and sheet metal, and reduced availability of skilled labor have left the industry with historically low inventory levels and rising production costs. These forces are driving price increases at a pace we haven’t seen in more than 20 years.

To date, in partnership with our manufacturers, we have worked tirelessly to mitigate the impact of these global challenges to our customers. That has become increasingly difficult in 2021.

Despite best efforts, all our manufacturers have communicated price increases going into effect now or in the immediate future. Additionally, lead times have stretched from several weeks to several months in some cases. As we plan for the fourth quarter, we expect these trends to continue. We are encouraging all our customers with projects on the horizon to secure updated quotes and get purchase orders submitted as soon as possible. We currently cannot guarantee the acceptance of orders placed against expired quotes.

Call me today to review outstanding projects and get current pricing and lead times. I’d like to help get your order in the queue to increase the likelihood of completion on or near your target date. Call 800-876-9373, ext.711, or send me an email.

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