Engineering Support for MEP Contractors and End-Users

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Engineering Support for MEP Contractors and End-Users

Engineering Support for MEP Contractors and End-UsersAs a vendor-agnostic solution provider, Power Solutions, LLC specializes in identifying and securing the best solution for a specific application regardless of manufacturer. This objective approach means we can help engineers and end-users specify the best product and service options for critical power and cooling projects. As a vendor-neutral partner we participate in unbiased discussions with contractors and end-users as a trusted partner, making recommendations that are in the best interest of the project owner.
Power Solutions LLC is scheduling our November and December lunch and learn sessions. These will be virtual or in-person presentations of the latest UPS and data center cooling developments by the leading manufacturers and our unbiased engineering support.

Tools we have readily available to support critical power and cooling projects include:

• A library of proven data center designs and drawings
• Data center modeling including CFD analysis
• Basic specifications and product collateral with sample submittals
• Guide Specifications for most power and cooling equipment
• Detailed feature and benefit analysis of competing products
• Deep product knowledge including capability, cost, and lead time
• Competitive pricing for procurement
Contact us to schedule a Lunch and Learn with your project team. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about current industry trends and best practices while experiencing how we can simplify the design and execution of your critical power and cooling project. Call me, 800-876-9373, or email engineering@power-solutions.com, for more details and scheduling.