Storm Preparation for Data Centers

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Reliable back-up power for critical infrastructure is essential to keep your business operational. Losing even just a few seconds, let alone minutes, can have a significant negative impact and cost thousands or more in lost revenue. Widespread and long-duration power outages can threaten an organization’s business continuity, or in some applications, can be life-threatening.
Power outages are the leading cause of downtime, and when the utility goes down, the UPS is the most common point of failure in the power distribution system. Proper emergency back-up power configuration and planning are important to storm preparation for data centers to prepare for a long-duration power outage and protect your facility from unplanned downtime.
Major weather disasters in recent years serve as a reminder that reliable power is critical to every organization. With annual preventive maintenance checks, regular UPS battery replacementfactory service plan coverage, and a well-considered disaster recovery plan, you can minimize the impact of Mother Nature on your business. 
For tips on what you can do now, and what can be done when a storm is on the way, see our Storm Preparation for Data Centers Whitepaper, call us for an assessment of your storm readiness, 800-876-9373, or email [email protected]