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Advantages of Modular UPSThree-Phase and larger Single-Phase UPS equipment is designed to last 10-12 years.  In today’s rapidly changing IT environments, the constant change in IT load creates a fluctuating power demand that makes it difficult to right-size a UPS.

Virtualization, migration to the cloud, edge computing, and more recently, the increase in remote work and learning are all factors that challenge data center and facility managers to predict IT load over a long period of time.  No one knows how long any of these trends will impact data centers.

Additionally, as our need to be completely connected all the time continues to grow, the criticality of the IT load is only increasing the importance of redundant back-up power.

These trends are increasing the demand for modular UPS systems.  Product lines such as the APC Symmetra PX, the APC Symmetra LX, and the new Smart-UPS Modular Ultra are giving data center managers the flexibility they need to right-size for today’s IT load demand while also leaving room for future expansion or redundancy, if needed.

Advantages of Modular UPS

  • Flexibility to right-size to current demand increases UPS efficiency, lowering overall operating cost
  • Confidence to size a centralized UPS solution rather than a distributed UPS solution with smaller back-ups that takes up valuable rack space
  • Scalability with standard chassis sizes makes adding power modules and battery modules easy and enables configuration for just the right amount of power with the runtime you need
  • Tooless swappable power and battery modules allow for easier installation and replacement
  • Service plans are priced for the power configuration of the UPS rather than the total capacity of the chassis allowing for lower operating expense with right-sized UPS 
  • Optimized TCO with the flexibility to either grow or downsize as power capacity and run time needs change
  • Newer models, such as The APC Smart-UPS Modular Ultra, by Schneider Electric, are configured with lithium-ion batteries further increasing the TCO.   

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