The Importance of Service, Maintenance, and Replacement of EOL Products

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EOL ProductsConstraints on time and capital budget make it easy to put off planning and budgeting for the replacement of aging power equipment – particularly if that equipment seems to be operating just fine.
Budgeting cycles and lead times are long, which means the time between requesting funds, receiving budget approval, and then lead time for the equipment, it could easily be two years or more before old equipment is actually replaced. During that time, your site is vulnerable to downtime if there is a failure. And worse, if you discover the equipment is End of Life with the manufacturer, interim repairs may not be possible because the required parts are no longer available.
We keep an updated list of UPS and Cooling equipment that our manufacturer partners have announced are End of Life. If you have aging power infrastructure, we recommend checking with your Power Solutions Power Specialist on planned changes to product availability from our manufacturer partners. In addition to product obsolescence, we stay current on upcoming product line launches and extensions so you can get the most out of your capital budget.
Continuing with regular preventive maintenance and comprehensive service plan coverage will help you anticipate when repairs are required and when it’s time to plan and budget for equipment replacement. Don’t wait until a failure is imminent. We are here to talk about your options for proactive service, modernization or equipment replacement. 

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