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Service to Digitize Electrical One Line Diagrams

New! – Power Solutions, LLC and Schneider Electric are now offering a service to Digitize Electrical One Line Diagrams for missing, out-of-date, or hard copy only Single Line Diagrams. This digitization service makes it easier to keep track of changes in a site’s power distribution with digital updates to the electrical one-line anytime changes are made.
For older facilities it is very common that the electrical one line is out of date, only exists in hard copy, or is missing altogether. This makes designing additions or changes to the power infrastructure almost impossible. A current electrical one line is the road map for all future testing, service, and maintenance activities and is needed to stay compliant with NFPA 70E Article 205.2.
Electrical Digital Twin Service (EDTS), designs and delivers your electrical single line diagram using industry leading software tools and maintains and updates it through a dedicated service plan. With EDTS, site personnel have immediate access to a current digitized electrical one line on demand. Schneider Electric collects electrical asset data and builds and maintains the digital one-line model in this unique service. 

Benefits of the Service to Digitize One Line Electrical Diagrams

  • Helps ensure personnel safety, equipment longevity, and plant reliability
  • Meet compliance with NFPA 70E 205.2: Single Line Diagrams shall be maintained in a legible condition and shall be kept current
  • Allow personnel who respond to an event to identify the affected equipment quickly
  • Enhance facility expansion by running optimization and feasibility technical studies
  • Improved visibility allows you to manage multiple sites more efficiently
  • Get access to on-demand Power System Analysis (short circuit, protection coordination, Arc flash) and Power Quality Analysis delivered by Schneider Electric ConsultantsService

To find out more about our Electrical Digital Twin Service,
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