APC InRow Cooling Units Going EOL: Planning for Future Replacement

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APC InRow Cooling Units Going EOLSchneider Electric has announced that many APC InRow Cooling units are going EOL between now and December 2027. Now is the time to start planning for the replacement of aging InRow equipment.
The recommended replacements for the APC InRow units are Schneider Electric’s Uniflair InRow Chilled Water and Uniflair InRow Direct Expansion. In many cases, these replacement units have the same footprint, and often, a like-for-like replacement option. Available in various configurations, these units meet the diverse requirements for data center cooling. IT operators looking to improve efficiency or deploy higher density equipment will benefit from the modular design.
If your data center loads and/or rack densities have changed since the original InRows were installed, it’s likely the overall cooling configuration needs a thorough review. Power Solutions, LLC offers engineering assistance to optimize your cooling infrastructure. 
For a list of InRow cooling and other products going end of life, see our EOL page.

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