Factory Services Price Increase Coming January 2024

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Factory Services Price Increase Coming January 2024Schneider Electric and Eaton both recently announced price increases on all services effective in January 2024. These increases affect Factory Service Plans, Warranty Extensions, UPS Battery Replacement Services, and UPS Modernization Services.

The price increase for factory services will average 3% – 5% and will apply to all orders received on or after January 1st. We recommend submitting orders by mid-December to allow time for order processing. 

We are seeing price changes across the industry as inflationary pressures continue. For any pending projects, please contact us for updated pricing. Because of this market volatility, we may not be able to honor pricing in expired quotes.

If you have a pending service plan renewal coming due or had budgeted for a UPS battery replacement or UPS modernization, order soon to avoid these price increases. For more information call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].