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Alber Battery Monitoring Products

Alber Battery Monitoring Products lead the industry with quality storage battery monitoring and test equipment. Telephone, power and data centers that rely on uninterrupted power count on Alber equipment to ensure the integrity of their emergency power systems. Expert knowledge, objective problem solving, development of technology to meet specific user needs, and a standard of excellence have earned Alber respect throughout the standby battery industryAlber is the only company today with a true, full functioning monitor.

Alber Battery Monitoring Products recognize that to monitor all cell voltages and ambient temperature samples at regularly scheduled intervals a permanent monitoring system should be employed. A monitor can detect developing problems long before a critical situation develops. The user must, of course, pay attention to all alarms and perform the required corrective actions. It is particularly important to measure and record values during the installation and to look for trends over time. Changes in values over time, even though they may be within the manufacturer’s allowable ranges, may be cause for concern and may require action.

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