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enviroguard-hawkEnviroGuard designs, manufactures and sells the only patented, UL listed, NEBS-approved spill containment system on the market. Federal and state fire regulations and countless other laws require spill containment for stationary lead acid battery systems typically used as standby sources of power for those industries where a continuous flow of electrical power is required. The EnviroGuard spill containment system uses durable designs built from quality materials and a proprietary non-gassing pillow system to quickly absorb and neutralize electrolyte in a manner that allows proper disposal. Protect the environment from leaking batteries with EnviroGuard’s spill containment systems. Battery spill containment includes compliance and safety products and services to ensure compliance within standby power battery rooms, telecom battery systems, solar power battery applications, motive power, and automotive applications.

Our clients include firms in industries such as telecommunications, UPS, switchgear and control, solar, microwave, and railroad applications, as well as many others. What makes EnviroGuard the product of choice is that it is the only system available that is approved by Underwriters Laboratories and meets the exacting earthquake requirements of NEBS (Network Equipment-Building Systems). EnviroGuard customers can rest easy, knowing that their facilities are protected by the best spill containment systems available. EnviroGuard is the leading worldwide authority on the installation and evaluation of battery facility code compliance products. We know the rules, we know the regulations, and we know how to put it all together. We not only manufacture the ultimate turnkey solutions that ensure safety and adherence to code requirements, but we can make sure they are customized to your application.

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