C&D LCT Lead Calcium/LT Lead Antimony Batteries

LCTThe C&D LCT Lead Calcium/LT Lead Antimony Batteries has capacities from 840 to 2320 Ampere-hour.

C&D LCT Lead Calcium/LT Lead Antimony Batteries Applications

  • Telephone Central Offices
  • Mobile Telephone Switching Office
  • Cable Head End Sites
  • Fiber Optic Regenerator Sites
  • Microwave Repeater Sites
  • Telephone & Internet Network Nodes

C&D LCT Lead Calcium/LT Lead Antimony Batteries Features

  • Electrical testing to 95 percent capacity on every cell prior to shipping assures performance of every battery upon delivery
  • Long life positive plates cast with a proprietary process and alloy
  • Waterbath charging results in consistently formed plates for reliable performance out of the box (no cycling required in the field)
  • Suspended positive plate permits free growth without pressure on jar and cover
  • Flame-retardant covers and jars enhance battery plant safety with self-extinguishing properties LOI >32%, UL 94V-0
  • Low-evaporation, flame-arrester vent to extend watering intervals and prevent external sparks from reacting with the hydrogen inside the cell
  • NEBS approved battery systems (cells and racks) that meet telecom companies’ specifications
  • Narrow 17” (43.18 cm) depth racks available – NEBS qualified
  • LCT-1805HP offers 1805 Ampere-hours in a traditional LCT-1680 jar size
  • Transparent container allows visual inspection of plates
  • Soft rubber post seal minimizes stress on post reducing maintenance requirements
  • Computer controlled heli-arc welded post seal results in consistent and reliable seal for less maintenance and longer product life


Below is a sampling of our more popular C&D LCT Lead Calcium and LT Lead Antimony Batteries.

C&D 2LCT-840
C&D 2LT-840
C&D LCT-840
C&D LT-840
C&D LCT-1008
C&D LT-1008
C&D LCT-1176
C&D LT-1176
C&D LCT-1344
C&D LT-1344
C&D LCT-1680
C&D LT-1680
C&D LCT-1848
C&D LT-1848
C&D LCT-2016
C&D LT-2016
C&D LCT-2175
C&D LT-2175
C&D LCT-2320
C&D LT-2320

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