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EnerSys DataSafe HX Front Terminal Batteries

Enersys 16v FT BatteriesEnerSys DataSafe HX Front Terminal Batteries (VRLA) eliminate the difficult maintenance and burdensome space requirements of top-terminated 12V UPS batteries. Revolutionary front-terminated DataSafe UPS batteries, available in 550 WPC, 800 WPC and 925 WPC sizes, are more space efficient, more cost effective, and easier to maintain. DataSafe HX batteries are the ideal source of power to protect vital systems. DataSafe HX batteries incorporate select design features that maximize reliability while ensuring superior performance and an excellent service life.

EnerSys DataSafe HX Front Terminal Batteries Benefits

  • More than 20% space savings for a full 15 minute run time for 750 kVA UPS systems
  • 925 WPC design reduces the number of parallel strings required
  • Up to 50% fewer connections means less maintenance
  • No wasted space
  • Scales easily to large capacity UPS systems
  • Fits within many existing cabinet designs

The EnerSys DataSafe HX Front Terminal VRLA UPS batteries are available in complete cabinet configurations for easy ordering and installation.

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