DataSafe HX Telecom Batteries

The EnerSys DataSafe HX Telecom Batteries range of valve regulated lead acid batteries has been designed to offer competitive solutions for the global telecommunications and information technology markets, which demand the highest levels of security and reliability. The DataSafe HX incorporates select design features that maximize reliability, while ensuring superior performance and an excellent service life. Gas recombination technology for valve regulated lead acid batteries has totally changed the concept of standby power. The minimal level of gas evolution allows battery installation in cabinets or telecom equipment racks, in offices or near main equipment, maximizing space utilization and reducing storage and maintenance costs. The DataSafe HX delivers superior performance, occupying less space than conventional standby power batteries. Thick, ribbed plastic containers and covers provide high mechanical strength and excellent safety features. The HX series, rated for use in Telecom applications, can be a lower cost alternative to Telecom focused batteries.

Features of the DataSafe HX Telecom Batteries

  • Positive and negative plate grids made of lead-calcium-tin alloy for long life and efficient recharge
  • Flame retardant case (UL94) and cover to meet UL1778
  • Individual flame arresting cell vents
  • DataSafe HX top terminated battery containers and covers are hermetically sealed to provide leak resistance over the life of the product
  • AGM separators – The electrolyte is completely absorbed into the separator
  • High performance brass threaded receptacle
  • Increased energy density
  • 100% initial battery capacity

DataSafe HX Telecom Batteries Operating Specifications

  • Normal operating temperature range: -22°F (-30°C) to 122°F (50°C)
  • Float charging voltage: 2.25 – 2.28 Volts per cell at 77°F (25°C)
  • Charging current: DataSafe HX top terminated batteries can be safely recharged at high current rates when utilizing a constant voltage charger
  • Storage time: DataSafe HX top terminated batteries can be stored for up to 6 months at 77°F (25°C) before a freshening charge is required. At higher temperatures this time interval will be reduced
  • Torque specifications: 44 in-lbs (5 Nm) ± 5%
  • DataSafe HX top terminated batteries are designed to be installed on their base
In-depth Specifications for the DataSafe HX Telecom Batteries
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