EnerSys DataSafe UPS Battery Cabinets

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EnerSys DataSafe UPS Battery Cabinets, from the world leader in Energy Storage Solutions. Ideal for use with 12V DataSafe HX batteries, the EnerSys UPS Battery Cabinet is a total package solution to enable mission-critical data production.

The EnerSys DataSafe UPS Battery Cabinet is a total solution

  • Cabinet, batteries and auxilliary components from a single source
  • Complete EnerSys factory service from battery sizing to installation and commissioning
  • Customized to your power needs – the cabinet and batteries can be fully assembled at the factory to minimize installation time
The EnerSys UPS Battery Cabinets are designed to complement DataSafe 12V HX batteries.  DataSafe HX batteries save up to 40% in the operational expenditure necessary to maintain a full charge, compared to a traditional lead-calcium battery.  DataSafe HX Batteries have been designed for a longer life span with fewer maintenance visits and lower replacement costs.

EnerSys DataSafe UPS Battery Cabinets Features & Benefits

  • Robust welded metallic structure
  • Removable shelves & panels
  • Factory pre-wired
  • Heavy load (400kg) bearing shelves
  • Superior ventilation ensured by air vents on all panels & cabinet top
  • Easy connection to the UPS Equipment
  • Easy assembly
  • Breakers & fuses provided as standard
  • All steel parts electrically bonded & grounding terminal included
For more information about EnerSys DataSafe, call 800-876-9373 or email