PowerSafe SBS 60

The EnerSys PowerSafe SBS 60 battery range utilizes unique and proven technology to provide a superior range of valve-regulated batteries with an extended service life in compact and energy dense configurations. PowerSafe SBS batteries are manufactured to the highest international standards and are ideal for reliable use in all wireless and fixed-line communication applications. PowerSafe SBS batteries are also widely used in cable TV, emergency lighting, power generations and offshore applications.PowerSafe SBS 60

PowerSafe batteries are designed to cope with elevated temperatures and harsh environments. The advanced thin plate, pure lead technology and unique manufacturing methods used by EnerSys make PowerSafe SBS batteries the choice for long and trouble-free service.

PowerSafe SBS 60 Specifications

  • 6 cell, 12 volt, M6 M Top Terminal
  • 51 Ah
  • Dimensions (in): 8.7 L x 4.8 W x 10.3 H
  • Weight: 40.7 pounds

PowerSafe SBS 60 Features

  • Can be mounted in any orientation except inverted
  • Designed for use in cabinets or on stands close to the point of use
  • Long life makes PowerSafe SBS batteries ideal for installation as an integral part of a standby system
  • Approved as non-hazardous cargo for ground, sea, and air transportation
  • Positive plates – pure lead grid using a unique manufacturing process
  • Negative plates – provide perfect balance with the positive plates to ensure optimum recombination efficiency
  • Separator – superior quality microporous glass mat separator with high absorption and stability
  • Container and lids – UL94 VO rated flame retardant material, highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Terminal design – leak resistant patented dual seat terminal design

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