Power Battery CSL-12170

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CSL 12170 Power BatteryThe Power Battery CSL-12170 Series is no longer being manufactured. Contact Power Solutions for replacement options, 800-876-9373.

The Power “TL and Front Access CSL” batteries are the ideal choice for Telecommunication applications which require a reliable, compact and affordable solution. Our state of the art V.R.L.A. design utilizes an absorbed glass mat (A.G.M) separator technology to immobilize the battery electrolyte.

Power Battery CSL-12170 Specifications

  • 12 volt, 170 AH
  • Dimensions: 21.1 L x 8.46 W x 10.1 H
  • Weight: 135 pounds
  • Terminal Type: Copper Insert


  • Ten year design life.
  • A recognized component of U.L.
  • Non-spillable valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) design.
  • Advanced absorbed glass mat technology (AGM)
  • With gas recombination greater than 99%.
  • Cases are flame retardant, meet U.L. 94. V0 requirements, and have an oxygen index greater than 28%.
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