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TC 12150CThe Power Battery TC-12150C Power Battery High-Rate Series is no longer being manufactured. Contact Power Solutions for replacement options, 800-876-9373.

The Power High-Rate Series of valve regulated lead acid (V.R.L.A.) batteries have been developed and refined by Power Battery since 1972. It is the battery of choice for many OEM’s and users throughout the world.

Power Battery TC-12150C Specifications

  • 12 volt, 130 aH, 3.030 kw
  • dimensions: 13.5 L x 6.76 W x 10.87 H
  • weight: 100.1 pounds
  • Terminal Type: 1/4″ C.I.


  • Ten year design life in stanby float service.
  • Non-spillable valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA) design.
  • Never needs watering, minimal maintenance.
  • Flame retardant cases are optional (TC and SLF models).
  • Cold forged non-porous terminal bushings eliminate post leakage.

Weight: 100.00 pounds.

For more information,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].