Power Battery TL-6195

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TL-6195 Power BatteryThe Power Battery TL-6195 Series Batteries are no longer being manufactured. Contact Power Solutions for replacement options.

The Power “TL and Front Access CSL” batteries are the ideal choice for Telecommunication applications which require a reliable, compact and affordable solution. Our state of the art V.R.L.A. design utilizes an absorbed glass mat (A.G.M) separator technology to immobilize the battery electrolyte.

Power Battery TL-6195 Specification

  • 6 volt, 195 aH
  • dimensions: 10.7 L x 7.4 W x 10.9 H
  • weight: 81.5 pounds
  • Terminal Type: Copper Insert


  • Ten year design life.
  • A recognized component of U.L.
  • Non-spillable valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) design.
  • Advanced absorbed glass mat technology (AGM)
  • with gas recombination greater than 99%.
  • Cases are flame retardant, meet U.L. 94. V0 requirements, and have an oxygen index greater than 28%.

Weight: 82.00 pounds.

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