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Liebert iCOM-S

Liebert iCOM-S Thermal Sys​tem Supervisory Control allows you to manage and control your entire data center cooling system for up to 50% higher efficiency, improved protection and greater productivity. Liebert iCOM-S provides a single point for managing your entire cooling infrastructure and gaining quick access to actionable data, system diagnostics and trending.

The iCOM-S is part of the Liebert iCOM family of thermal monitoring, management and control solutions, which also include the Liebert iCOM unit control and iCOM CMS monitoring and management system for remote edge computing and other small IT spaces. The Liebert iCOM-S system is a single point for centralizing thermal data from sensors and cooling units, unlocking the benefits of machine-to-machine communications to harmonize and optimize thermal system performance across the data center. This prevents cooling units from working at cross-purposes and allows the system as a whole to efficiently adapt to changes in data center capacities to improve availability and energy efficiency. The iCOM-S operates on an all-in-one, touch screen computer that mounts virtually anywhere, providing quick access to actionable data and system diagnostics and trending.

Liebert iCOM-S Features

  • Single point for accessing data from all sensors and cooling units
  • Teamwork modes to harmonize the operation of multiple cooling units
  • Pre-configured to quickly deploy with existing Liebert brand cooling uints
  • Auto-configuration detects and configures up to 4,800 sensors, without custom integration to building management systems
  • Multiple zone support for configuration of different types of cooling spaces within the data
  • Large format touchscreen
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