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Liebert XD Refrigerant-Based Cooling Modules

Liebert XD Refrigerant-Based Cooling Modules, deliver high-density cooling with highly flexible configurations for floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount applications. The Liebert XD system can reduce the data center’s air conditioning energy consumption by 30% when utilized as a supplemental cooling and up to 70% when deployed as the primary cooling.

Implementing the Liebert XD solution requires 15%-50% less chiller plant capacity as well as less diesel generator and switch gear capacity resulting in a potential energy savings of 40-50% for your centers energy consumption.

  • Locating cooling units closer to the load reduces the energy required to move the air and results in less mixing of hot and cold air
  • Micro channel coils provide minimal air pressure drop losses and improved thermal heat transfer
  • No need to over-chill data centers to eliminate hot spots

Note: Liebert is now Vertiv

Libert XD Refrigerant Based Cooling Modules Features

  • High heat-density cooling modules
  • Mount above, between or on racks
  • Use pumped refrigerant technology
  • Available in nominal capacities of 160kW (46 tons) for 60 hz applications and 130kW (37 tons) for 50 hz applications
  • Highly efficient
  • Require little or no floor space
  • Cools more than 30 kW per rack
  • Highly scalable expansion without interrupting cooling operations

Libert XD Refrigerant Based Cooling Modules Specifications

Models Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight (lbs)
XD CoolFrame Rack Cooler
XDV, XD Racktop Cooling Module, 8.8-10kW 14-19 5/8 in 22 7/8 in  39 1/2 in  77 lbs 
XDH, 22-30kW​​ 80 in 12 in  42 in  233-246 lbs 
XDO, XD Overhead Cooling Module, 17.2-20kW 22 1/2 in  24 1/8 in  72 1/4 in  150 lbs
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