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Liebert DS Direct Expansion Cooling System

Liebert DS Direct Expansion Cooling SystemAs the world’s most flexible and reliable direct expansion data center cooling system, the Liebert DS Direct Expansion Cooling System improves data center efficiency and protection. The system uses the industry’s most advanced thermal controls and features a modular design, multiple compressor options and easy service access.

Liebert DS data center cooling system provides efficient, precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow. The flexible Liebert DS offers high energy efficiency, user-friendly Liebert iCOM unit controls, a modular frame, front service access, and multiple compressor and fan options. Liebert DS is offered in downflow models from 35-105kW (10-30 tons) capacities and upflow models in 35-105kW (10-30 tons) capacities. Cooling types include air, water/glycol and GLYCOOL™.

Note: Liebert is now Vertiv

Liebert DS Direct Expansion Cooling System Benefits

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Exceeds the most stringent government efficiency requirements with NEMA premium efficiency motors
  • Offers energy efficient variable speed EC fans on downflow configurations
  • Flexible cooling capacity via variable capacity compressors
  • Requires only front access for service
  • Installs easily due to modular frame construction
  • Brings high-level supervision with Liebert iCOM controls, allowing networking of multiple mission-critical cooling units
  • Variable capacity control for ultimate control and reliability.
  • Redundancy through dual refrigeration circuits

Liebert DS Direct Expansion Cooling System Specifications

Models Total Nominal Capacity kBtuh[kW] Net Sensible Capacity kBtuh [kW]* Nominal Airflow [CFM] Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight (lbs)
Liebert DS, DS035A, 35kW 119.4 [35] 136.4 [40] 5200 76  73  35  1920 
Liebert DS, DS042A, 42kW 143.3 [42] 154.7 [45.3] 6200 76  73  35  1470
Liebert DS, DS053A, 53kW 143.3 [53] 215.7 [63.2] 8000 76  98 35  1920
Liebert DS, DS070A, 70kW 238.8 [70] 255.6 [74.9] 9600 76 98 35  1970
Liebert DS, DS077A, 77kW 262.7 [77] 275.1 [80.6] 11,000 76 98 35 2020 
Liebert DS, DS105A, 105kW 358.2 [105] 338.3 [99.1] 13,700 76 132 35 2660 
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