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STULZ CyberAIRSTULZ offers the broadest range of cooling capacities for chilled water (CW) and direct expansion (DX) units on the market.  With 21-730kW of cooling, there is a STULZ CyberAir air conditioner (CRAC) or air handler (CRAH) for every mission critical application.

STULZ CyberAIR cooling units are intelligent perimeter mounted solutions for precise data center cooling and are ideal for mission critical applications that require precise control of temperature and humidity.


STULZ CyberAIR Applications

  • Small IT rooms and network closets
  • Mission critical data centers
  • Medical/Healthcare

STULZ CyberAIR Features

  • Multiple upflow & downflow air patterns available, providing flexibility to meet requirements
  • Multiple floor stand configurations available (optional design to meet seismic requirements)
  • Water-side economizer with dual coil applications (DX/CW or CW/CW)
  • STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring networking capable and supports universal BMS interface for precise control of temperature and humidity

STULZ CyberAIR CRAH – Chilled Water (CW)

  • Largest capacity perimeter CW air handlers in the industry
  • Greater airflow than other solutions
  • Multiple EC Fan options (additional fans in same size cabinet)
  • All EC Fans mounted in the cabinet meet full performance without having to be dropped into the raised floor
  • Fewer units at higher capacity can significantly reduce capital cost and operating cost
  • 2 x CW valves standard on CFD-510 and larger units (option for 1 CW valve)
  • Dehumidification efficiently achieved through reduced air volume at maximum cooling
  • Standard and seismic floor stands available for all CW units
  • Filter plenums designed with increased surface area for filtration, lower pressure drop, and improved energy savings
  • Standard MERV 8 filters (optional up to MERV 14 filters)
  • 100% front access on all sizes
  • Made in the USA

STULZ CyberAIR CRAC – Direct Expansion (DX)

  • DX systems provided with highly efficient and reliable low noise scroll compressors
  • Single or multi-stage compressor arrangement including tandem configurations
  • Micro plate heat exchangers offer major improvements in heat transfer
  • Optimized AWS/Free-cooling coils to closely match DX cooling capacities, increasing energy savings opportunities
  • Refrigeration-based dehumidification system effectively removes excess moisture
  • Hot gas reheat – provides reheat using recycled compressor heat
  • Snap acting / full floating hot gas bypass system provides cooling capacity modulation and evaporator coil freeze protection
  • Multiple stages of DX cooling to match load requirement
  • Electronic expansion valves can be optimized to work over a wide range of conditions
  • Made in the US

STULZ CyberAIR Specifications

High Capacity CRAC Dual Circuit DX Systems CRAH Single & Dual Circuit CW Systems
kW 21 – 105 60 – 730
MBH 72 – 360 202 – 2,570
Tons 6 – 30 16 – 214
CFM 900 – 15,000 4,800 – 60,000

For more in-depth specifications, see the CyberAIR DX data sheet and the CyberAIR CW Data Sheet.

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