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STULZ CyberONE – Room Cooling for Small Spaces

STULZ CyberONESTULZ CyberONE is a compact solution for efficient, indoor perimeter cooling in small spaces.  Designed for 100% front service access, STULZ CyberONE EC systems are easily tucked into a corner, between cabinets, or side-by-side.

CyberONE units are especially adaptable to raised floors, to avoid hot spots, and are available in up-flow and down-flow air pattern configurations and with front and rear return. The CyberONE is available in chilled water (CW) or direct expansion (DX).

STULZ CyberONE systems have EC Fans which offer continuously adjustable fan speed via a signal from the system controller without the use of VFD’s. The direct drive boasts no belt abrasion or dust generation and maintenance-free operation. The EC Fan produces minimal vibration and quite operation.

STULZ CyberONE Features

  • 100% front service access
  • Fan speed is continuously adjustable via a signal from the system controller without the use of VFD’s
  • Direct drive – no belt abrasion/dust, maintenance free operation
  • Less vibration / quiet operation
  • Optimized air distribution into raised floor to avoid hot spots
  • Adjustable air volume
  • Power correction included
  • STULZ E2 Control and Monitoring networking capable and supports universal BMS interface for precise control of temperature and humidity
  • Made in the USA

CyberOne CW Specifications

CyberOne (COS) Chilled Water

kW 12 – 35
MBH 42 – 120
Tons 3 – 10
CFM 2,700 – 4,800

For more in-depth specifications, see the CW Data Sheet.

CyberOne DX Specifications

CyberOne (COS) Direct Expansion

kW 7 – 35
MBH 24 – 120
Tons 2 – 10
CFM 1,000 – 4,800

For more in-depth specifications, see the DX Data Sheet.

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