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STULZ ModulAir – Modular Cooling for Tight Spaces

STULZ ModulAir is a high capacity system in a very compact footprint that solves difficult rigging applications.  ModulAir computer room air conditioners, ideal for indoor perimeter cooling, are created by combining two CyberOne single compressor systems to create a dual compressor 26 – 76 kW system.

STULZ ModulAir Benefits

  • Modular design permits ease of installation & rigging as well as redundancy
  • DX – Air, Water, Glycol-Cooled
  • Up-flow and down-flow systems
  • Microprocessor control
  • 100% front service access
  • High efficiency scroll compressor
  • Made in the USA

The ModulAir is two CyberOne units together. For more in-depth specifications see the CyberOne page.

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