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Tripp Lite CoolingTripp Lite Cooling offers close-coupled cooling for IT Equipment with In-Row and Rack Mount solutions. These solutions can be used individually or in combination, depending on the application. A close-coupled unit may provide primary cooling in a small server room or supplementary cooling in a larger one.

These Tripp Lite, by Eaton, cooling units are located inside or between server racks and are efficient because they are near the heat source, the units reduce the distance required for delivery of cold air and removal of hot air, using less electricity to power fans. Close-coupled solutions also make it easy to reconfigure cooling to handle new equipment or eliminate hot spots. In contrast, traditional perimeter and raised-floor computer room air conditioning systems distribute air to the entire room, making it difficult to remove concentrated heat loads.

Cooling IT equipment is essential for optimal system performance. Overheated equipment can malfunction and bring business to a halt, costing you time and money. Maintaining the proper operating temperature for equipment in a network closet, server room or data center helps prevent equipment damage and expensive downtime.

Benefits of Tripp Lite Cooling

  • Offer reduced lower operating costs – Focused cooling where it’s needed most, so you won’t waste energy and money lowering the temperature of the entire room  
  • Modular and scalable solutions – Retrofit, reconfigure or expand cooling to handle expansion, upgrades, increased power density
  • Cooling units that support network management allow you to add a network card for remote access via Web browser, SNMP, SSH or telnet. You can monitor temperatures, change settings, define threshold warnings, receive alerts, access logs and automate operation from any location

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