Liebert Fin/Tube Outdoor Condenser

Liebert Fin/Tube Outdoor CondenserThe Vertiv Liebert Fin/Tube Outdoor Condenser, 17.5-210kW, is an easy-to-install and service air-cooled condenser for outdoor heat rejection and are precisely matched to the requirements of Liebert data center cooling and fluid chiller systems.

Liebert Fin/Tube Outdoor Condenser Features

  • Durable construction with a corrosion-resistant aluminum cabinet, copper-tube aluminum-fin coil, and galvanized steel internal frame
  • Low-profile, direct-drive, propeller fan type air-cooled condensers
  • Liebert Quiet-Line outdoor condensers operate at less than 57 dBA (decibel-audio)
  • Liebert TCDV Condensers use variable frequency drives
  • Delivered fully wired, piped and tested.
  • Designed for use with dual refrigeration circuit cooling systems, including those with digital scroll compressors
  • Energy savings through variable frequency drives
  • Operate at outdoor temperatures as low as -20°F (-28.9°C)
  • Meet the strictest municipal noise codes
  • Allows faster and efficient plan approval and building inspection with CSA agency approval.

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