Liebert Mini-Mate Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System

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Liebert Mini-Mate Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System, 3.5-28kW, is a zero footprint computer room cooling system the provides 24×7 temperature and humidity control and air filtration. It installs above a dropped ceiling and is easy to service, requiring only front access for maintenance. When IT equipment needs precision cooling and humidity control, but floor space is limited, the Liebert Mini-Mate can provide the overhead answer. This flexible, space-saving system is the ideal solution for small areas where space is at a premium.

The Vertiv Liebert Mini-Mate is designed for data center cooling, humidity control and air filtration of small areas, such as computer, control and equipment rooms. The system installs above a dropped ceiling, is easy to install and service and requires only front access for maintenance. The Liebert Mini-Mate is available in nominal cooling capacities from 3.5 to 28 kW (1 to 8 tons), with air, water, glycol and chilled water models available in 50 and 60 Hz. All chilled water systems are self-contained units. Air, water and glycol cooled models are available in split-system configurations.

Liebert Mini-Mate Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System Benefits

  • High Sensible Cooling Capacity. Unlike “comfort” air conditioners, Liebert systems are designed for the cooling requirements of electronic equipment – 80% of the capacity dedicated to the removal of dry “sensible” heat, and 20% for the control of humidity.
  • Based on a field-proven system, the Liebert Mini-Mate is manufactured with rugged, efficient components. To ensure 365 days x 24 hours operation at your site, each system is factory tested.
  • Uses Zero Floor Space. The evaporator and indoor condensing units are mounted above the dropped ceiling, requiring minimal site disturbance.
  • Simple Control. Split systems require simple thermostat-type wiring to controls and condensing units.
  • Designed For Easy Component Access. Most units can be serviced from the front.
  • Option Kits. Single-point power kits, sweat adapters, condensate pumps, duct adapters and other options are ordered as kits, ensuring availability of required parts and complete compatibility with your system.

Liebert Mini-Mate Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System Specifications

ModelsTotal Nominal Capacity kBtuh[kW]Net Sensible Capacity kBtuh [kW]*Nominal AirflowCFM]Height (in )Width (in )Depth (in)Weight (lbs)
MMD12E, 3.55kW12.1 [3.55]12.1 [3.55]60030 58 27 220 
MMD18E, 4.85kW16.5 [4.85]16.5 [4.85]60030 58 27 225 
MMD23C, 3.80kW13.0 [3.80]13.0 [3.80]7502054 30 220 
MMD24E, 5.7kW19.5 [5.70]19.5 [5.70]88524 57 3/16 30 225 
MMD36E, 8.3kW28.4 [8.3]28.4 [8.3]88524 57 13/16 30 225 
MMD40C, 7.60kW26.0 [7.60]26.0 [7.60]125024 54 30 230 
MMD60E, 16.4kW55.8 [16.4]55.8 [16.4]250024 49 46 1/2 498
MMD8TC, 22.5kW76.6 [22.5]76.6 [22.5]375026 1/2 in 69 1/2 in 54 1/8 in 665 lbs 
MMD96E, 24.9kW84.9 [24.9]84.9 [24.9]375026 1/2 69 1/2 54 1/8 665 

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