Liebert CRV In-Row Cooling System

Liebert CRV In-Row Cooling System, 19-40kW, offers highly flexible, in-row cooling for data centers requiring higher density cooling with greater efficiency and capacity. The system is designed for small and medium data centers or higher density containment applications in large data centers.

The Liebert CRV is a precision data center cooling solution providing temperature and humidity control. It integrates within a row of data center racks, providing the ability to cool close to the heat load. It is often used with aisle containment and the advanced iCOM-S thermal supervisory control to independently manage airflow and temperature, greatly improving efficiency and supporting higher rack densities. Adjustable airflow baffles allow you to more precisely direct airflow within the row. It uses environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant. The system is available in two widths, 300mm and 600mm, and multiple capacities. It is available in systems for air, water/glycol, and chilled water.

Note: Liebert is now Vertiv

Liebert CRV In-Row Cooling System Features

  • Industry’s highest delivered row-based efficiency
  • 2X the capacity as the competition
  • Availability approaching 100%
  • Industry’s most advanced control & performance optimization
  • Backed by the industry’s best service and support
  • Digital Scroll Compressor to match load & saves energy with 80-step capacity modulation
  • Variable Speed Fans to match load
  • Field-adjustable air baffles – getting the air where it really needs to be Hydrophilic Coated Coil
  • Hydrophilic coating to ensure no water blow off
  • Emergency airflow capacity (20%)
  • Real-time environmental control from rack sensors
  • Automatic performance optimization with  iCOM™ controls and teamwork modes
  • Wellness monitor alerts users in advance of potential issues


ModelsTotal Nominal Capacity kBtuh[kW]Net Sensible Capacity kBtuh [kW]*Nominal Airflow [CFM]Height (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Weight (lbs)
CR019RA, Air-Cooled, 300mm, 19kW64.8 [19]79.8 [23.4]225078 3/4 12 46 1/4507 
CR019RW, Water/Glycol Cooled, 19kW64.8 [19.0]81.4 [23.9]225078 3/412 46 1/4 545 
CR032RC, Chlled Water, 32kW109.1 [32.0]97.7 [28.6]225078 3/411 3/16 46 1/4 418
CR020RA, Air-Cooled, 20kW68.2 [20]82.9 [24.3]245478 3/4 23 5/8 46 1/4 739 
CR035RA, Air-Cooled, 35kW119.4 [35.0]129 [37.8]326078 3/4 23 5/8 46 1/4 805 
CR035RW, Water/Glycol Cooled, 35kW119.4 [35.0]128.9 [37.7]245478 3/423 5/8 46 1/4 849 
CR040RC, Chilled Water, 40kW119.4 [40.0]146.4 [42.9]332578 3/4 23 5/8 46 1/4 728 

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