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ABB GE Critical Power OneStep Edge Cabinet

ABB GE Critical Power OneStep Edge CabinetThe ABB GE Critical Power OneStep Edge Cabinet offers the ability to minimize the number of power conversions and maximize the space available for revenue producing equipment in the data center cabinet. Offering integral power converters and battery backup plus compatibility with highly efficient TLE UPS systems, OneStep Edge meets all of your demanding power requirements. When efficiency matters, reducing the number of power conversion steps is critical.

The ABB OneStep Edge can help data centers increase their work space by approximately 10%, per employee. The inside of the majority of most telecommunications or servers’ equipment cabinets are usually 24 inches wide, however once the servers are in they only require 19 inches of space, which leaves 5 inches of “wasted space.” By replacing the space wasting cabinets that offices are currently using with the ABB Edge Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (PDU) the back of the cabinet can be used for the rectifiers, which can be directly integrated into the available slots on the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) allowing employees to have a manageable and tidy work area.

Note: GE Critical Power is now part of ABB

ABB GE Critical Power OneStep Edge Cabinet Benefits

  • With OneStep Edge the PDU is installed on the left side of the cabinet, leaving 42RU of space
  • Distributes 480V down the rack
  • Brings power within inches of the load equipment
  • Reduces cable requirements
  • Decreases power loss
  • Shrinks cooling costs 3-5%
  • lows UPS hot-swapping from the cool aisle
  • Can be installed in other vendors’ cabinets
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