OmniOn Infinity M DC Power System

OmniOnOmniOn Infinity MInfinity M, can be configured as a +24V or -48V single-voltage power system or as a “dual-voltage” power system that supports rectifiers and converters. The primary voltage is supported by +24V or -48V rectifiers and battery reserve, while secondary voltage is supported by DC/DC converters. The primary voltage capacity is 1,600A at 24V and up to 1,600A at 48V. When equipped, secondary voltage capacity is up to 600A per horizontal panel. The Infinity M can range from 600 to 1,600A in a single bay. Infinity M systems offer the option of a 7-foot framework, a half-height (42”) frame for mounting on battery stands, or supplied frameless for field install applications.

OmniOn Infinity M Features

  • Infinity-series rectifiers for +24V and -48V applications
  • Dual-voltage bus architecture for easy growth and voltage migration
  • DC/DC converter support for dual-voltage systems
  • DC distribution for both voltages, with selectable voltage panel availability
  • Temperature-hardened harsh environments (-40ºC to +75ºC)
  • Compact size: base system with four power shelves occupies 18 RU (31.5 in) of 23” wide rack space (21” depth)
  • Battery connections, low-voltage battery disconnect and low-voltage load disconnect options
  • Plug-and-play, secure protocol Pulsar Plus controller with web-based interface for local and remote IPv6 (LAN) access
  • Distribution options include 3A-300A bullet-style circuit breakers, large G-J breakers to 600A, TPL fuses up to 600A and GMT fuses

OmniOn Infinity M Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 95-305VAC Single Phase
Output Voltage: 42-58VDC
Output Current: 1,200A

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