OmniOn Micro-BDCBB 3U

OmniOn Micro-BDCBB 3U

The OmniOn Micro-BDCBB serves as a secondary power distribution center for -48Vdc DC power delivered from a battery plant to the load equipment. Distribution protection options include up to 16 positions 0-125A TPS/TLS fuse holder (8 per side) or 10-100 amp single pole (8 per side).

Note: OmniOn Power was formerly ABB/GE Critical Power

GE Micro-BDCBB 3U Documentation: Spec Sheet / Brochure

OmniOn Micro-BDCBB 3U Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for data center applications
  • Digital meter interface
  • Small rack configuration – 600 Amp capacity panels in a compact 3 RU size
  • Small power distribution from battery plant to load equipment
  • 16-position 3U (5.25 in.) tall panel can be mounted in a 19″ or 23″ frame with multiple mounting options
  • Fuse or circuit breaker options
  • Single or dual (A/B) load bus
  • 600A carrying capacity per bus (1200A total)
  • Panel Interface Module (PIC) monitors voltage and current of each load bus

For more information about the OmniOn Micro-BDCBB 3U Battery Distribution Circuit Breaker Bay,
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