CE+T Modular Inverter Power System (MIPS)

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CE+T Modular Inverter Power System (MIPS)The CE+T Modular Inverter Power System (MIPS) is a modular free-standing frame that provides AC backup power from the existing DC infrastructure.  It provides pure sine wave AC supply as a complement to any existing DC power solution.

TSI Enhanced Power Conversion mode produces high quality AC by drawing power from the AC mains and DC sources simultaneously guaranteeing output power as long as one input source is available.

Ideal for larger systems, MIPS uses the 2.5kVA Bravo inverter module for 20kVA ,40kVA, or 50kVA systems rated 120/240Vac single-phase output or 30kVA ,60kVA ,75kVA, 150kVA, or 225kVA systems rated at 208Vac 3-phase output.  MIPS can be configured with an optional AC wrap-around bypass.

Applications for MIPS include any mission critical applications, harsh electrical environments and for long autonomy requirements.

CE+T Modular Inverter Power System Benefits

  • Energy Efficient : 94% in AC to AC double conversion (EPC mode)
  • Maximum Reliability : The TSI technology eliminates the Static Transfer Switch (STS)
  • Scalable : TSI features a parallel design, the modules are Hot swappable and field upgradable
  • Power Density : The TSI inverter has the industry’s highest power in the smallest footprint

CE+T MIPS Features 

  • Permanent AC to AC double conversion
  • Great disturbance rejection rate
  • Redundant AC & DC input sources
  • Preserve battery life expectancy
  • Compact footprint allowing back to the wall mounting
  • Compatible with in-row cooling, air outlet at the top
  • Can be used in 120Vac, 120/240Vac and 120/208Vac system configurations

MIPS Specifications

AC Output Power

  • Nominal Output Power: 75kVA
  • Nominal Voltage: 120/240/3 x 208V
  • Output power (resistive load): 60kW
  • Short time overload capacity: (15s) 150%

DC Input Specifications

  • Nominal voltage (DC): 48 V
  • Voltage range (DC): 40 – 60 V
  • Nominal current (at 40Vdc): 1680A

AC Input Specifications

  • Nominal voltage (AC): 120/240/3 x 208V
  • Voltage range (AC): 83-140Vac
  • Power Factor: >99%

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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