Chloride Inverters

The Chloride Inverter family, by Vertiv, are integrated industrial power system solutions that are built to withstand the harshest environments while delivering the most efficient and reliable backup power for your critical infrastructure’s constant availability. Chloride DC to AC inverter systems, designed for heavy-duty industries, offer full flexibility with a wide variety of configurations and options. These systems combine IGBT/PWM technology with proven digital vector control to offer the best performances in any electrical and environmental condition.

When your dependence on critical systems can be the difference between safety or disaster, reliability is required. Vertiv understands the complexity of heavy industries and utilities and knows that not every facility faces the same challenges. That’s why Vertiv specializes in problem solving in extreme environments, for a full range of mission critical industrial applications. Their critical power solutions for heavy-duty industries, including the Chloride Industrial Inverter system, support your facility.


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