Telecom Rackmount DC Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel

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Newmar Telecom Rackmount DC Circuit Breaker Distribution PanelNewmar Telecom Rackmount DC Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel is a high density Telecom Rackmount DC Distribution Panel designed to accommodate virtually any 48V, 24V or 12V DC power distribution requirement. Its flexibility makes it ideal for all telecom site DC power requirements, large and small.

These distribution panels accommodate up to 10 or 20 circuit breakers (DST10 and DST20) within a compact rackmount housing, occupying only 2 RU of rack space. The circuit breakers feature a unique plug-in design which requires only front access for quick, easy installation during initial power system configuration, as well as future system expansion.

Model DST-20A (UL) features dual isolated 10 circuit A and B buses, each rated at 450 amps, enabling redundant power configuration or different voltages/ground references. A and B inputs can also be paralleled, creating a single 900 amp bus.

Model DST-10 (UL) has a single 450 amp bus which accepts up to 10 breakers.

The plug-in circuit breakers insert securely into sockets recessed in the front access panel. Breaker alarm contacts allow optional remote tripped-breaker alarm/indication. A “mid-trip” function of the circuit breaker provides quick visual identification of a failed circuit and distinguishes between an over-current trip and
intentional shut-off. When tripped, the toggle handle moves to a 90° position, halfway between the “on” and manual “off” position.

Newmar Telecom Rackmount DC Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel Features

  • Input/output wiring is rear access via bus bars that accept single or double hole lugs. Input/output buses are secured to the load breaker sockets via solid nickel-plated copper bus material.
  • Mounting brackets are provided to adapt the panel for 19”or 23” racks. Snap-in hole plugs are provided for unoccupied breaker positions and a clear protective cover which prevents accidental shut off of the breakers and also provides for convenient placement of circuit identification labels.

Telecom Rackmount DC Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel Specifications

Nominal Input/Output: 48VDC, 24VDC or 12VDC
Total Circuit Capacity: DST-20A: 20 Breakers / DST-10: 10 Breakers
Total Current Capacity: DST-20A: 900 amps (dual 450 amp buses) / DST-10: 450 amps (one 450 amp bus)
Maximum Circuits per Bus: 10
UL Recognized/CE Marked
Current Ratings: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75 or 100 amps
Voltage Rating: 80 VDC max.
Type: Plug-in with Auxiliary Contacts
Operating Temperature: -40˚ C to + 70˚ C, 450 Amps @ +35˚ C, derate to 400 Amps @ +40˚ C, 320 Amps @ +50˚ C, 150 Amps @ +70˚ C
Dimensions (both models): 3.5″H x 19/23″W x 11″D
Weight (no breakers installed): DST-20A: 12 lbs., DST-10: 9 lbs.

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