DIN Rail Redundancy Module

DIN Rail Redundancy ModuleThe Newmar DIN Rail Redundancy Module was designed for crucial applications where loss of power can be critical or costly and where it is recommended that two DIN UPS units be paralleled for 1+1 redundancy. The Redundancy Module provides true isolation and redundancy. The isolation diodes inside the DRM-220 ensure the two DIN UPS units are isolated in the event of a DIN UPS failure, preventing a failed DIN-UPS unit from adversely affecting the other.

Under normal operation, each DIN-UPS supplies approximately 50% of the current required by the load. In the event of a DIN-UPS failure, the good DIN-UPS will carry 100% of the load without interruption of power to the load, often referred to as a ‘Hot’ switch over. The failed DIN-UPS will reveal its status via its diagnostic LED so the failed unit is easily identified. For additional redundancy, a separate battery is recommended for each DIN-UPS.

DIN Rail Redundancy Module Specifications

ModelInput VoltageMax Output PowerDimensions (H x W x D)Weight
DRM-22010 – 60V DC25 Amps4.72″ x 1.97″ x 1.97″1 lb

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