RP Series Power Solution for 5G Repeaters

RP Series Power Solution for 5G RepeatersThe OmniOn RP Series Power Solution for 5G Repeaters, by OmniOn Power, is designed for pole or wall-mount 5G applications. This system is an integrated solution that combines a high efficiency rectifier, UL Service Entrance rated AC input breaker and surge protection, 6 output DC breakers or 6 GMT fuses and surge protection in a pole/wall mountable enclosure to simplify small cell and 5G Repeater deployments. 

OmniOn’s RP series repeater power system provides a feature-rich solution for improved deployment flexibility while maintaining a robust power architecture. The RP-series power system incorporates proven rectifier technology with an AC service-entrance-rated termination with AC input breakers, field replaceable AC surge protection, DC output overcurrent protection and DC surge protection – all in a pole-mounted enclosure. This combination of available features helps ensure that the RP series solutios is up to the task of powering a wide range of 5G repeater deployments.

With 5G deployments continuing to evolve to maximize coverage, macro cells and small cells, 5G repeaters offer smaller and more simple solutions to further extend coverage in densely populated areas where signals may get blocked by trees and buildings. 

RP Series Power Solution for 5G Repeaters Features

  • Surge-protected AC input helps prevent equipment damage
  • Integrated AC service entrance reduces the need for external AC equipment
  • Simple DC connections with integrated GMT fuse or breaker DC distribution

RP Series power Solution for 5G Repeaters Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 90-265VAC, 1PH
DC Load Power: 450W

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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