Vertiv NetSure 502 Series

NetSure 502The Vertiv NetSure 502 is especially designed for all types of access applications in both fixed and wireless access networks, offering unmatched site installation flexibility. The NetSure 502 Series, a compact -48 volt 120 A DC power solution, features an advanced control unit, up to (3) positions for 2000 W high-efficiency eSure rectifiers, and integrated distribution options. This highly flexible NetSure 502 DC power system is available as an integrated version where space for rectifiers and distribution are available in the same shelf. These systems are optimal for rack-mounting in any building, shelter or cabinet installation. This system is easily integrated into an Emerson outdoor enclosure when a pre-manufactured space efficient outdoor solution is needed. The system can also be shipped loose or mounted in a relay rack with battery trays.

Our most compact NetSure 502 system measures 2 RU high and has output current capability up through 120 A. Available in 19” and 23” widths, the system provides distribution space for GMT fuses up to 15 A or a combination of 100 A circuit breakers and GMT fuses. Configuration options include battery low voltage disconnect (BLVD), load low voltage disconnect (LLVD) or no low voltage disconnect. An external GMT fuse panel with (20) positions is available in both an A and A/B configuration.

Vertiv NetSure 502 Features

  • Supports Ethernet, SNMP, and RS485 communication interfaces – enables remote control and monitoring
  • NetSure rectifiers are designed to operate from -40C to +80C, providing 1600W output at 65C – suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • Extremely wide AC voltage range window – 85VAC to 300VAC
  • Several distribution configuration options – battery disconnect breakers, load breakers, and GMT fuses up to 15A to meet application needs
  • NEBS Level 3 and UL Listed – complies with industry standards
  • Monitoring and battery test and charge functions – advanced battery managements features and AC service monitoring
  • Configuration file capability – minimizes installation time and allows planned network conformity

This highly flexible DC power system is available in bulk output shelves, integrated distribution shelves or externally mounted distribution panel systems.  These alternatives are optimal for rack-mounting in any building, shelter or cabinet installation.

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