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Emerson NetSure Rectifiers

NetSure RectifierThis product has gone End-of-Life. Click here to see the Vertiv eSure rectifiers.

Emerson NetSure Rectifiers utilize state-of-the-art DSP controls and soft-switching topologies to provide conversion efficiency and sinusoidal input current under all operating conditions.  Advanced cooling techniques and transient protection ensure reliable operation under abnormal or extreme temperatures and other environmental conditions.  Their small size and plug-and-play design provide easy system expansion in existing or newly installed shelves without configuration or set up adjustments.

Emerson Standard Rectifiers Features

  • Compact high-performance switch mode with sinusoidal input current for low total harmonic distortion
  • Plug-and-play technology
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting positions
  • Temperature range: -40C to 65C (-40F to 149F)
  • Robust design for extremely high MTBF
  • Wide AC operating range: single-phase rectifiers from 85-300V, 3-phase rectifiers from 260-530V

These rectifiers offer wide input voltage and operating temperature ranges and have an integrated speed-controlled field-replaceable fan.  NetSure rectifiers are globally renowned with over 1.25 million units deployed and an unmatched reliability of less than 0.5% failure rate (200 years MTBF).

Emerson NetSure Rectifiers Popular Models:


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