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Vertiv NetSure 700 Series

Formerly Emerson NetSure 700 Series

Vertiv NetSure 700 SeriesThe modular Vertiv NetSure 700 Series DC power systems provide -48VDC, +24VDC or a combination of both voltages at up to 4000 amps. With an efficiency of 96.5%  and a modular design that allows for incremental cost-effective system growth, the NetSure 700 Series is ideal for telecom and data centers, colocation and hosting applications.

The NetSure 700 Series offers plug-n-play rectifiers and converters that are easy to add without making adjustments and without system interruption. Front access allows for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Vertiv NetSure 700 Series Benefits

  • Lower operating costs and reduce heat with high efficiency power conversion units
  • Easily adapt to evolving site powering needs with a dual voltage scalable design
  • Seamlessly integrate your Network Management System with multiple communication protocols (SNMP, Modbus, TL1)
  • Operate your power infrastructure safely and reliably with equipment that adheres to strict compliance standards

Vertiv NetSure 700 Series Specifications

Models Power Capacity Current Capacity Output Voltage, Nominal Input Voltage, Nominal
710 DC Power System 50 kW 2000 A +24 VDC 208 VAC to 240 VAC
721 DC Power System 200 kW 4000 A -48 VDC 208 VAC to 277/480 VAC
721 DC Power System with 400VDC Input 200 kW 4000 A -48 VDC 380 VDC
722 Bulk Output Power System 100 kW 2000 A -48 VDC 208 VAC to 240 VAC
701 DC Power System 200 kW 4000 A -48V DC 208 to 240V AC

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