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Vertiv NetSure 701

Formerly Emerson NetSure 700 Series

NetSure 701The modular Vertiv NetSure 701 Series DC power system with 3,200 watt rectifiers provides up to 4,000 amps of power for -48 volt systems.  3,200 watt constant power rectifiers provide up to 67 amps (59 amps at 54.0VDC and 62 amps at 52.0VDC) with a current limit of 67 amps.  With six units per shelf, these rectifiers provide up to 402 amps in three rack units (5.25 in.) of space. The NetSure 701 system is ideal for wireline and wireless applications such as switch sites, co-locations, huts and large vaults or enclosures, as well as data centers.

Vertiv NetSure 701 Features:

  • High Efficiency – approaching 97%, eSure rectifiers reduce power consumption for lower operating costs
  • Modular Design – simple to install and operate; allows incremental cost-effective system growth
  • Single Point Adjustment – no tools required to change settings and make adjustments; MCA controls up to 72 rectifiers
  • Remote Access – options allow users to view, control and interact with the system using an Ethernet, modem, RS232 or LMS1000 interface
  • Plug’n’Play – add rectifiers without changing the settings and making adjustments; no system interruption
  • Front Accessible – allows for easy installation, additions and maintenance
  • High Density – compact design takes up less floor space; houses six 3200 watt rectifiers per shelf (3RU), system can be configured with up to two bays.
  • Constant Power – delivers more current at lower voltages to meet load or recharge demand
  • Safety and EMC Compliance – NEBS Level 3 certified, UL Listed to UL subject 1801, FCC Class B

The NetSure 701 distribution cabinet is modular by row and position.  Four distinct distribution cabinet sizes are available to accommodate from one to four distribution panels.  This allows the system to be configured in relay racks of various heights for installation in low-profile sites or atop batteries or other equipment to make more effective use of floor space.  Several distribution panels are available offering different combinations of distribution positions, low voltage disconnect and battery disconnect options.

Vertiv NetSure 701 Specifications

Models Power Capacity Current Capacity Output Voltage, Nominal Input Voltage, Nominal Height  Width  Depth Weight 
NetSure 701  200 kW 4000 A -48V DC 208 to 240V AC 84 in. std  23 in. mounting  18 in.  600 lbs


For more in-depth information, see the NetSure 701 brochure.

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