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Vertiv NetSure 721 with 400VDC Input

Formerly Emerson NetSure 721

Vertiv NetSure 721 with 400VDC InputThe Vertiv NetSure 721 with 400VDC Input reduces copper distribution cost and provides the flexibility to use existing -48 VDC equipment. The basic components of the power system include the ACU+ control unit, DC to DC converter shelf assemblies and a modular distribution cabinet.

The NetSure 7100 power system contains a powerful, micro-processor-based control system capable of monitoring and controlling up to 60 C400/48-3500e converters. The ACU+ controller provides a 4×16-character alphanumeric display, which can be activated at the touch of a keypad. Each shelf can accommodate up to six plug’n’play C400/48-3500e converters, which are controlled by the ACU+. Additional shelves can be added as load requirements increase. The NetSure 7100 with 400 VDC input can be expanded to up to three distribution bays for a total capacity of 4000 amps and up to twelve distribution panels. Each NetSure 7100 distribution cabinet is modular by row and position.

Vertiv NetSure 721 with 400VDC Input Features

  • High Efficiency Over 97% — reduces power consumption for lower operating cost
  • 3500 W Converter — designed to operate from nominal 400 VDC source to provide -48 VDC load power
  • Advanced Controller — offers battery management, site monitoring and configuration management
  • Remote Access — options allow users to view, control and interact with the system using an Ethernet interface
  • Plug and Play — add modular converters without changing the settings and making adjustments; no system interruption
  • Front Accessible — allows for easy installation, additions and maintenance
  • Wide Input Voltage Range — for operation during battery discharge down to 260 VDC

Vertiv NetSure 721 with 400VDC Input Specifications

Models Power Capacity Current Capacity Output Voltage, Nominal Input Voltage, Nominal Height  Width  Depth  Weight 
NetSure 721 with 400VDC Input 200 kW 4000 A -48 VDC 380 VDC 84 in. std 23 in. Mounting  20.1 in.  200 lbs. to 650 lbs. 
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