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Vertiv NetSure 8000 Series

Formerly Emerson NetSure 8000 Series

Vertiv NetSure 8000 SeriesThe Vertiv NetSure 8000 Series high-density DC power systems offer the increased flexibility of a cabled plant in centralized or distributed architecture systems. 5800 watt rectifiers deliver up to 16,800 amps of power at -48 VDC. Individual power and distribution bays may be configured to meet any application requirement. These NetSure systems are designed to support wireless and wireline applications including, central offices, MTSOs, data centers and head-ends.


Vertiv NetSure 8000 Features

  • Power supply and load distribution optimization
  • Safe system expansion with live distribution and circuit breaker changes
  • NEBS Level 3 certified
  • Efficiently address power demand today and tomorrow with scalable power systems that can be safely adjusted during live operation
  • Reduce unnecessary travel to site with remote services that enable you to identify issues and take corrective actions
  • Safely and easily adapt to new load requirements with live distribution and circuit breaker changes

Vertiv NetSure 8000 Specifications

Models Power Capacity Current Capacity Output Voltage, Nominal Input Voltage, Nominal Height Width Depth Weight (lbs)
8100DB Distribution Bay 240 kW (8 load)
or 180 kW (6 load)
4800 A (8 load)
or 3600 A (6 load)
48 VDC 48 VDC 84 in. 26″ or 30″ 16″ or 24″ 160 – 425 
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